The Harvest Of The Sacrificial Life by T D JAKES

The Harvest Of The Sacrificial Life by T D JAKES



Sacrifice as gone out of style, you hear lot about success but you don’t hear much about sacrifice, you hear about harvest, but you don’t hear anything about seedtime, but I’m gonna talk about:  “THE HARVEST OF THE SACRIFICIAL LIFE” T.D Jakes had said during the Pentecost Sunday at the potters’ house.

We are gonna be in the gospel of St. John 12 and this gonna bless you because, some of you have laid a sacrificial life, you’ve disappointed yourself, you’ve paid the price, you’ve put gains aside for other people and there’s gonna be a harvest on a sacrificial life. In John 12:20 somebody say Lord help me to die, help me to die out of my ways and my flesh and my mood because my inability to die is stopping my ability to harvest.

The harvest of a sacrificial life remains standing, “I want the privilege of praying with you” T.D Jakes had requested

Father I thank you for my space in the building and I thank you for this waiting congregation, I thank you for those that are waiting over the internet to hear what the spirit of the lord would say to the church, speak Lord for thy servant hears. The flower fades and the grass withers but the word of the Lord shall stand forever in Jesus’ name amen.

Pentecost is the birth of the church and we call it Pentecost Sunday and I (T.D Jakes) want to spend some time with you to make sure… because, I am concerned and it is my responsibility as a pastor that I do not raise an illiterate church with no understanding of the word of God. A lot of people come to church and they know church, but they don’t know the word of God. We cannot be the first generation that can’t explain what we believe. Because it makes no sense to do something you don’t understand. In fact, the bible says “in all thy getting, get an understanding”, and so it is my job to make sure that you have a very clear understating of what your faith is and what you believe, and I understand that it is possible to be born again, spirit filled Christian and not have a clue of what Pentecost Sunday is.

So what does Pentecost Sunday mean?

Pentecost is the celebration of the 50th day from the Passover and it is the primos through which we must understand that the New Testament church embraces the reality of the fact that on the day of Pentecost, yes! The spirit of God fell and God filled the early church with His spirit, but why that day? and why not some other day?

For the bible says “and when the day of Pentecost was fully come and they were in one place, in one accord, suddenly there was a sound from heaven like a mighty rushing wind” most people in the church today think that Pentecost started/began when the disciples were filled with the holy ghost, but that’s not true. Pentecost was a celebration that began way in the Old Testament before the cross, before the crucifixion. Pentecost is an Old Testament celebration often referred to as feast of weeks, seven weeks 7 x 7 equals 49 and the next day is the 50th day and that is the day of Pentecost. It is 50th day from the Passover. Pentecost sets its watch from the Passover. If you don’t have a Passover, you can’t have a Pentecost.

So what is Passover?

Passover in the Old Testament was the day that the death angel passed over Egypt, and the death angel is gonna pass over tonight, the only thing that would cost the children of Israel to be saved is “when I see the blood” I will pass over you. So the Passover is a celebration of how death passed over the first born of the children of Israel when they were in Egypt. The death angel passed over them because of the blood.

He has death angel passed over us because of the blood?

Absolutely! Because of the blood of the lamb death has no sting; it has no power over us. So what happened in the Old Testament is the shadow, it is the picture of what would happen in the New Testament in reality. When you look at the Old Testament theology, the Old Testament theology is a shadow of what God reveals in the New Testament. You must realize that the Passover is a celebration that the death angel had passed over the children of Israel, they went through the red sea and crossed over to the other side, when the death angel passed over the children of Israel or we could say the Hebrews (the Old Testament name for the children of Israel) when he (death angel) passed over the Hebrews he did so not because they were good or righteous or holy, he passed over them because they were covered by the blood. A thousand at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand but it cannot come near thee because, I’m covered by the blood, death passed over me. Passover is about death, when I see the blood the death said I’ll pass over you, and Pentecost 50 days later is about life and Pentecost is not only referred to as a feast of weeks but also the feast of harvest.

Foundational truth is what causes the spiritual awakening.

Spiritual experience but it’s all grace but no truth; all power but no principle. Then you might go to some other churches where people are taking notes that their not gonna read or write down stuffs that they can’t remember, trying to impress people by how principled they are and you the preacher got a power point presentation every Sunday with 5 steps to be healed, 3 steps to be an overcomer, and everybody write as if they are in the university and they’ve got all kinds of principles and if you should stop any of the members in the parking lot, they begin open up the bible and they start showing you all kinds of principles and scriptures but there is no power, there is no joy, there is no enthusiasm, there is no excitement. But I’d take a word of what the bible says in the book of St John and we beheld the wonders of His glory, the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth. Not just grace and no principles, not principles and no power but principles and power, you’re gonna have truth and grace. You gonna be powerful but you wanna be intellectual, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other, don’t sit around and become so intellectual that you loose your person because we have a God who can be touched by the feelings of your infirmity and if you loose your feelings you can’t touch Him with your principles because your intelligence would never touch God. Why your intelligence would never touch God is because we do not have the same I.Q, so God fixed it that we are not approaching Him through reasoning. We do not reason our way to God, our God is not reasoned, He is revealed, so whether you have an I.Q that’s absolutely amazing or whether you are totally illiterate, God will find a way to reveal himself to you whether you are 70 or 7, where you come out of Joules pool hall or Lutheran school of divinity, it makes no difference God will reveal Himself to you so that you don’t miss an opportunity to be saved.

Jesus is crucified as our Passover lamb as our sacrificial lamb who died for our sins that we might have the right to the tree of life, He was crucified for us. The bible says on the third day, He rose from the dead with all power in His hand and said “I am He that was dead, but I am alive forevermore” this is what separates the church from all other groups, organization, clubs, fraternities because there are many where you get motivated, you get the teaching or inspiration that has nothing to do with God, but what separates a Christian church is that we believe in the death, burial and the resurrection of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and haven believed that you are saved by the blood of the lamb. Say to yourself: “I’m glad to be a Christian, I’m a Christian, I’m a blood washed born again Christian, child of the most high God and my sins have been covered by the blood of the lamb, I am free from the bondage of sin, I have everlasting life, right now my sins have been washed by the blood of the lamb, Jesus died for what I did in the past and for my future too, He died for all the years on earth, His blood is enough.

The blood is not only active, it is proactive. They beat His body for diseases that hasn’t even come to existence yet. He died, the bible says ”by His stripes we are healed” 39 stripes on His back for every manner of disease that was and will be for plagues that haven’t even been released yet, for diseases that don’t even have names for problems that might be coming up in your lives now because by His stripes we are healed. This doesn’t mean our sins doesn’t have consequences, this doesn’t mean we can do whatever we want and pour it on His blood. The bible says “shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid!”

You cannot have a harvest without sacrifice, you need to understand that you have gone as far as you can go, there are certain things you would never think of getting into because you are consumed with what’s going on with you. You are locked out of the harvest because you don’t participate in the sacrifice.

This is why I (T.D Jakes) was struggling with this message because I thought “Lord, I don’t want to talk to them about Pentecost if they don’t understand Passover.

I don’t want to talk about harvest if they don’t understand seedtime.

I don’t want to talk to them about service and not talk to them about sacrifice.

We have raised an entire generation that wants a pay day but don’t want to work. How can you have a degree when you don’t go to class?

There is no getting around it, sacrifice is the only way to the next dimension except a grain of wheat falls unto the ground and dies, it abideth alone and it can be alone for thousands of years.

How long will you be destroyed, how long will you exist in staying in your current form, how long will you pray for harvest when you’ve refused to give seed.

You have gone as far as can go in your current form, the harvest mandates sacrifice and if Jesus couldn’t get passed it (because He also sacrificed) how do you think you’re gonna passed it. You cannot talk about Pentecost without Passover and God wants to explode in your life with a Pentecost that is mindboggling but you don’t want to die to your ways. And if God didn’t make an exception for Jesus, you are not that special!

We are celebrating the inaugural service of the Holy Spirit.

Why did he (Holy Spirit) come on Pentecost? Because Pentecost was the celebration of when the law was given, the Pentecostal happened in mount Sania when God gave the law. Pentecost in the Old Testament was when the law was given; Pentecost in the New Testament is when the Holy Ghost is given. Because he is my righteousness and I am complete now, what was broken on mount Sanai was fixed on Pentecost, so I passed from death unto life at Pentecost, the power of the holy ghost overshadows my spirit at Pentecost, he gave me power unlimited on Pentecost, he gave me power over the enemy at Pentecost, demons began to tremble at Pentecost.

Now I want to say “Lord give me a harvest on a sacrificial life”. Come out of your flesh and sacrifice, come out of your doubts and sacrifice, come out of yourself and sacrifice. TIME HAS COME!

If I be lifted from the Earth I’ll draw all men! Somebody is about to give up but Christ says, if you suffer with me, you’ll reign with me, He says because of your sacrifice, I will give you increase, but you must leave that from that you’re in, leave it and change your ways, if you are gonna change your life.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The Harvest Of The Sacrificial Life by T D JAKES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Article Submitted by: Peace Darby




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