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Download Abiodun Sage – Oya Loke @abiodunsage

Oya Loke By Abiodun Sage

Oya Loke By Abiodun Sage

Oya Loke By Abiodun Sage

Abiodun Sage – Oya Loke (FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD)

Nigerian Based Gospel Artist Abiodun SAGE has finally released the much anticipated Twcrew All Star Track where he features the entire team of Twcrew (trueWorshipCrew) in a song where he believes God would Arise on behalf of its listeners.

Oya Loke was recorded in 2013 and was kept for an opportune time. Now is the time says Abiodun SAGE. This tracks features Now Fast rising Gospel Artist some of which includes Adeola SAGE, Ab Drums, Anita Francis, Eniolarh Ogunole, Teestrings , Mike Olaz, Mary Okunmuyide. This Track is a must listen as it brings in the unsual

Oya loke is release as the last episode of the Ongoing Worship Devotional Series for 2018 by Minster Abiodun SAGE and TWcrew. This track is produced by ORAKLE.

Oya Loke By Abiodun Sage


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