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Na You Be God

OluwaPelumi known as living praise was born on 19th of December in the early 90’s.. She’s a song writer and a good composer with few albums and several single tracks. She’s an inspirational singer, a true worshhiper and a lover of God. With the release of her latest track NA YOU BE GOD you should get ready to put on your dancing shoes and give praise.

Na You Be God



Chorus…na u be God u no be man oo

Eleti gbaroye atobajaye,

Na u be God u no be man oo, Eleti gbaroye u are God..

Verse 1.. na u be God ancient of days

I am that I am the rose of Sharon

D Mighty man in battle you are king I am that I am oo na u be God

Bridge:. Iwo lawi mayehun

ahhh ah…

Iwo latofarati

Ehh Eh…

Destiny helper

ahhh ah…

Life sustainer

Ehhhh Eh…

Verse 2: You are my father

you took away my shame oh Lord! you are my life saver

Latinu ‘okun ayemi loti fami Jade f’ayeri

Ose o olugbala

Bridge: Iwo ni uno ma yin

ahhh ah…

Iwo ni uno ma sin

ehhh eh…

Destiny securer

ahhh ah…

My Lord my saviour

ehhh eh…

The lifter of my head oo

ahhh ha..

Destiny securer

Ehhhh eh.


Verse3 : I’ll call you your name Arugbo ojo Yahweh Adonai Elohim

Jehovah Jireh akoni loju ija aye mi Iwo ni

Bridge: Iwo ni uno ma sin the rose of Sharon emi ni Yahweh emi ni tin je emi ni

Almighty God all powerful the Lilly of the valley ehh ehh

Akobi ninu awon oku oo Iwo ni

Ekerin ninu ina ileru ninu ina ileru ooo

Eni to Rin Lori okun tokun ogbemi

Eni to wonu ile tile ole mu duro

Ogba kokoro lowo iku ofun mi ni isegun

Kabi esi re o baba oolakawe

Titi lai ni uno ma yin ooo ehhehhehh ahhahhahh

Iwo ni uno ma yin

Iwo ni uno ma sin titilailai oo

Iwo ni in mayin titlai ah ah

Jesu Iwo ni uno ma yin …



Best Regards.

Have a lovely day ahead.


Connect with OluwaPelumi

Instagram… Oluwapelumil

Facebook… Oluwapelumi livingpraise

WhatsApp… 08168572891,08137433477.

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Blogger, Profound Sound Engineer & a Multi Talented Musician

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