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Anthony Sawyers – Elevator Music

Canadian Christian hip-hop artist Anthony Sawyers releases new single “Elevator Music” featuring label mate Phil Darko.

The duo has been known to collaborate in the past and again have come together on this new song to talk about identity in God.

The song begins with a fatherly voice speaking to a son saying; “You are my son but you are first a child of God” Anthony sawyers raps and recounts moments that have attempted to shake his faith and identity but have resulted in deeper faith.

The same fatherly voice emerges after Anthony Sawyers verse and Phil Darko rips it with a verse about being made new in Jesus!

“Elevator music is a song that talks about the stability one have when their identity is in God alone. Whether life goes up or down our identity is secure when it’s in Gods hands.”


Lyrics: Anthony Sawyers – Elevator Music

“Come here, son!
I want to tell you something I’ve never told you before
Even though you are my son, and I love you very much
You are first a child of God”

Verse 1 – Anthony Sawyers
Feeling like Aladin, with a dragon in my chest
This rap game is at stake and I’ll never let it rest
Don’t get it confused, I ain’t feeling like the best
Yea, I’m feeling like a sinner that was chosen, Yea I’m blessed

It’s a new day, a new game, for the wordplay
That I can talk about Christ and not get nervous
And I don’t fear your opinion, this ain’t a survey
And sorry Nebuchadnezzar, I’d rather Flambé

This one’s for my momma, this one’s for Harambe
Yeaa, cuz now I get it, Yeaa I get it
Makes all things work together from the bedding to the medic
Haven’t reached my destination, In this tent I’m just a tenant

So I’ma, keep rapping for those in the pews
And those who never knew and those who caught a sentence
Till they all say the sentence that Jesus is Lord
And he cracks the sky and the chariots roar (It’s A)

“See son, the bible says
“See how much love the father has given to us, that we should be called Children of God”
See it is God himself that calls us His Children, If we are in Christ
He is the one that calls us and that is our identity
And no one can take it away from us
No one!”

Verse 2 – Phil Darko
Let me explain, cuss you know we’re not the same
Some pros to a con artist, I’ll write it to make it plain
Me; I’m a new man in him
You; would rather stand in sin
Me; made alive, you are… still a mannequin

What’s in store? we setting up shop
Whole squad in the photos, no one is being cropped
Palm tree in the hand of God, no one is being dropped
And firm, on our own two, we’re planted on the rock

Which guarantees my patience
Working out my faith, while exercising Satan
Residual effects of His blessings, in time, they’re always latent
Second child of the house- firstborn to salvation!

Hoping on tracks I’m trail blazing
Tested through the fire, enduring cuz its training
Children of the Most High acquired something higher
And been given it all so I’m never forsaken

“We are His Children forever and we can live in freedom
Knowing that He cares for us as a perfect father
See son, I may fail you
I may disappoint you
I may let you down
But God He never will

Written by okaywaves

Blogger, Profound Sound Engineer & a Multi Talented Musician

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