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Boma By Maji (Video + Lyrics + Mp3)

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Boma By Maji
Boma releases a brand new praise song titled “Boma”, a call to focus on the highest form of prayer of God which is HIS PRAISES, It’s a psalm of worship, a continuous chorus of worship to the creator , keeping in mind that the sole purpose for our creation is to give God praises as long as we have breath. Remember, soul winning is God’s heartbeat, but praises is God’s stomach beat (this makes you an indispensable chef), adding spices like lyre, cymbals and a dance is the inexplicable and irresistible spices added to give God praises, must be done in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24) that is,  a sweet smelling incense going out to the world, so we don’t exchange brass for PURE GOLD. (see also, Psalm 149:7& amp; 9, it executes judgment).

In total, the whole Earth (the stars, birds of the air, the waterfalls, trees etc) is a symphony and an instrument of God’s praise and worship, and a transmitter of heavenly sound.

The song Boma is a call to break forth into singing and it is a heavenly sound of praises that pleases God, a declaration of the king with the inclusion of the heavenly choir (the angels) joining the human sound to accompany God’s praise just as they sang at his birth(glory to God in the highest…).

It has begun.., it has begun. Allow God to take and lead you on into the flow of the current waves of his praises with THIS SONG “BOMA” – Maji.

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Everytime I sleep and wake up
Everytime I see twinkle twinkle stars
When I hear the birds of the air tweet tweet
I will sing and sound Boma eh (Your praises)
Boma yeah, Boma (Praises yeah , praises)
I will sing and sound
Boma eh (your praises)


A’ Inume suba Boma eh (I will sing your praises)
Boma Boma Eh (your praises)
Boma Boma eh (your praises)
Boma (your praise)
Boma (your praise)
I will sing and sound Boma eh (your praises)
Heavenly angels are singing
Praises are ringing
In the wonder of the maker of all things
When I hear the sound of creations fill the air
I will sing and sound Boma eh (your praises)

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Instagram : Officialmaji
Twitter: Majimusic
Facebook: Majiroghene Sharon Mba

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