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Aghogho – It Is You [Download Mp3 + Lyrics]

Download Aghogho - It Is You

Aghogho – It Is You

Prolific Nigerian worship/praise leader and recording artiste Aghogho, Just after releasing the live visuals for her single “Miracle Working God”, sets out with super amazing visuals for her previously released single “It is You”, the compelling follow-up to her widely accepted single/video “All the Praise.” Shot on location in Lagos, Nigeria by Fweshpictures.

Delivering an uplifting and engaging sound of worship, She expresses total dependence on God, acknowledging Him as the only source and reason for our being.

“What is life without Him? What is the hope of anyone who calls and trusts him without totally depending on Him? I believe this song will reinforce our trust and belief in God” said Aghogho

The video was exclusively premiered on Trace Gospel and viewed by millions of music lovers across the globe.

Aghogho has continued to put more hard work into churning out amazing contents. The song is from her debut album “You Are” released in 2019. She also tipped her followers on a new project coming soon. While waiting, enjoy the visuals for IT IS YOU.

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LYRICS: Aghogho – It Is You

Verse 1:
Let it rise from me oh God
A song of praise I sing to you
As you are lifted high above
All the earth
You’re glorious in power and praise
Mighty are your works oh God
Creator Lord of everything
You are great you are great

It is you I….
It is you I….
It is you I….
It is you

Verse 2:
Let your kingdom come oh God
Let your will be done on earth
As it is done in the heavens
High above
You reign in power and majesty
We hail you Jesus as our king
You’re perfect Lord in all you’re ways
Unto us, unto us

It is you I worship
It is you I praise
It is you I bow before the holy one of Israel
It is you

Heavenly father I reverence you
Jesus son of God I honour you
Holy spirit
Come breathe in me your life your life

You’re glorious in all your ways
Mighty are your works oh God
Creator lord of everything
You are great

Chorus 2x

Bow before your throne…



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